The World of Iluz

The story so far
A world within..

After a long and uneventful rest at the hospitality of the Halflings that call themselves The People, Fijit died in an apparently valiant death at the hands of a creature called Thurzhaan by the Halflings.

A unanimous decision was made to confront this creature. On your side the brave and holy warrior Panros stands by you.

While waiting in the night the creature approaches. The first glances revealed scales, blackened scales. After providing some light you saw the entire creature! An extremely large dragon, covered in blackened scales and savagely amputated wings on its back. The dragon spoke to you and his voice trembled furiously in your mind. The dragon is keeping someone or something under control in his mind. He told you to head towards the light if you wanted answers.

The group decided to travel towards the mountain spire that is said to reach Janma herself. The sun being the physical representation of the Godess of rejuvenation and rebirth.

You stand at the spire to the sun. Its stone is almost a pristine white, reflecting the sun and it almost hurts your eyes. The “mountain” seems created rather than a normal mountain. It’s spire-like shape is clearly moulded and a pathway is spiralling around up towards the molten core that floats in the middle of this hollow world.

The Man in black

The man in black has recovered. En exorcism was performed on him in the Holy Church of Keni. You have reason to suspect that a Shadow is loose in Daichiwa. A bishop of Keni and a captain of the royal guard has already been murdered. The man in black recruted the help of the gnome tinkerer you found roaming the moonstone caves.

Bones below the mountain

Under the abandoned moonstone mines you discovered another set of caves. These caves seem to be half natural and half engineered. In one of these rooms you discovered the skeletal remains of a dragon. Upon the wall it says (in Draconic, translated by Rickas):

In nature I was a force, in death but an echo.

I was born from the sun, a powdered star my life.

By the glimmer of a holy word, I may arise again

Rentak informed the group that a diamond in the crown is named Starborn. Fijit remembered hearing about a powerful spell that could bring someone or something back to life if it was willing to live again.

The group decided to contact Rentak’s clan and seek their advice and help. The response was to await the arrival of official representation.

Not of this world

The man in black has returned to the caves to continue his work. This time aided by a gnome with engineering aspirations.

The metal-plated caves lie defenceless now that the man in black has fallen. The sphere in the adjoining room to the alchemist lab (now completely smashed) looked like it had an infestation. Like thick oil penetrating the surface of the sphere, trying to get closer to the shadowy figure within.

As Charles was subdued at first by the man in black, he later returned to finish the job. Striking Alana down to her apparent death, he proceeded to attack the rest of the group. It wasn’t until the man in black showed up and withered Charles’ head to the bone. The man in black took a quick look at Alana and didn’t really do anything before collapsing on the floor.

After Alana was discovered to be alive the group took the man in black with them and left. Upon exiting the sphere room, Rickas cast a last glance back at the sphere. Much to his surprise the blackness had disappeared from the sphere.

Baptism by fire!

On your way to Daichiwa you all discovered that the druid had started to smell of smoke and fire..

His summoned creatures also display signs of fire.

While in the forest a centaur and two human druids approach the group as you’re getting ready for the day. The had a conversation with Zerach that none of you understood. When it was over, our druid calmly stated; I have been summoned.

Zerach admitted to setting a tree on fire to create a diversion. He seems surprised that the forest burned so quickly.

Previous highlights
The world within ..

Deep beneath the cavernous system called The Underdark you found a passageway that led even deeper towards the centre of the earth. Emerging from the flooded tunnel you discover a lush, humid world. Vegetation and plants are alien in nature. The colours are in your perspective wrong. Instead of the green grass and plants, you predominantly see purple and lilac.

A short while after you started exploring you discovered that you were being followed. A group of wild halflings had you surrounded. The demanded, through body language, gestures and a weird language, that you disarmed and followed them. They were extremely fascinated by Fijit, almost obsessively so.

Alana managed to slip away (I wonder how..?) and kept you all within her visual range. You were all held in a room in the halflings “treehouse village”. The layout of that village seems eerily familiar to Alana and Rickas

The Man in black

You have acquired the red flowers from the fairy mound. Return to the man in black for a reward.

Not of this world

While travelling towards the remaining forest, you discovered that TSR are having some sort of digging operation in the middle of the ashen fields of the forest. Thinking nothing of it, you moved on.

On your return trip, Alana managed to get the officer on duty to collect Charles for you. Charles looked extremely tired and worn-out. His speech was slow and the syntax was a little off. Fijit, the clever gnome, almost immediately recognized the speech pattern. It was almost the same voice as the message globes found in The Metal Plated Caves.

Fear pulsed through the group. Alana in a stroke of genius, pulled out her flesh rod and discharged it right at Charles. He became dominated. Or rather, the entity within him was dominated. They wish to rule.

They told you some things about Charles as well. He has a connection to the bandits and he dreams about conquest.

Pushing the entity towards their limits, they managed to break free of the spell. Harnessing Charles’ martial power, they cut down our heroes. Rentak got a bright idea and ran back and shouted: WE KNOW WHERE THE SHIP IS! The entity was more than satisfied with this agreement and let our heroes go.

During your encounter in the metal plated caves, Rickas activated some sort of device. It clearly used some sort of illusions, but neither Alana, Zerach or Fijit could figure out what kind of magic it was. The illusions this device produced showed a spherical map of your world. On this map there was a blinking dot. Examining the map revealed the location of the dot to be your location.

Our trusty dwarven friend, Rentak, managed to manipulate the map with gestures. Quite a feat for a barbarian that’s distrustful of magic.

While playing around with the illusion map, you managed to ‘shrink’ the spherical map so small it was just a small, blue dot. Upon this discovery you noticed several dots blinking into existence. They were exactly like the ‘dot’ you were at. There were many of them. And it seemed like they started moving to the direction of you blue dot that is your world.

Taking a WILD guess, you think it may be several months until ‘they’ arrive.

Baptism by fire!

During a scuffle with some bandits that were hired by a trader, a tree managed to set itself ablaze. Spontaneous combustion isn’t unheard of, but it’s highly unlikely. While you slept the fire continued unabated, turning the forest to ashes.

Waking up you see that huge part of the forest has burned down. Returning to Krav you discovered that the soldiers had been order to fight the fire by Commander van Hovden.

All of you helped in some form or the other, and after a while the fire was diverted from the city.

Humble beginnings

Our heroes arrived in Krav after some spelunking. Rewarded by the authorities, they enjoyed a night of friendly banter and drinking.

Collectively the group decided to seek work and adventure. There were rewards for bandits and the capture and/or death of The Spinestealer.

The first prestigious adventure our heroes performed was to stop The Spinestealer. Killing a half-orc dual-wielding spell caster, they later discovered that there was a second person at the scene. They claimed the reward regardless of this information and Commander van Hovden proclaimed to the public that they were once again safe on the streets. The public had his word.


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