Weyland Smith

A short, brown man that is almost as broad as he his tall and everything bulges with muscles.


You met this curious, short man at a fairy party deep within the forest. He has short, stubby legs with wide, sturdy feet. Weyland consist mostly of a hard torso and large, muscular arms that almost hangs down to his toes. His face is weirdly wide and broad as well, coupled with a very large, bumpy nose makes for a bewildering sight.

His talents as a smith is for hire, but not for favors or petty riches. He desires something truly unique. If you have in your possession something that is truly one of a kind, Weyland can improve one item or make a low magic armor or weapon for you.

Weyland Smith called Rentak for a filthy half-breed. Further prodding about the subject revealed that the events that preceded the birth of the dwarven race are viewed as a mistake and a failure. See Fairy Party.


Weyland Smith

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