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The World of Iluz

The world, as you know it, is called Iluz by the numerous and prosperous humans. The elves, recognizing a part of their soul within it, named her Anima. Dwarves never really named the whole world they live in. Practical as they are, they simply referred to it as Hōmurokku, The Homerock. The Gnomes call their world Baw.

The stable and relative humid part of the world named The Midlands are ruled by the human empire of Tirano. They are the giants of interracial trade. The empire has been in peace for over a hundred years. Evil tongues speak of internal strife and disagreement.

The cold and hard climate of the north, the dwarves claim as home. The dwarves are ruled by their clans and their internal politics. The Ishi Clan has long ruled the capitol, and nothing seems to shake their hold on the city. The dwarves have untold riches in their mountain fortresses, but without the humans to trade with, there would be nothing to enjoy. The dwarves are a militant and proud people. They are usually very polite and aware of their station in life. They hold themselves to lofty ideals of a warrior spirit and the noble embrace of honor. They revere the dragons of myth and legend.

The eastern part of this world is dominated by the massive forest of Indecora. Named by the elves that inhabit it, the forest is wild and hasn’t been tampered with by the progress of man or dwarf. The outskirts of Indecora are relatively calm and picturesque, however, the further one strays in the forest the more likely you will be to find the old dark that dwells in roots and stone that never forget. The rumors among the other races are that in the middle the elves have built a shimmering conclave of trees towering over the ground. Branches stretch from trunk to trunk, and from the tree crowns, small fairy lights glimmer over the heads of elves in pursuit of philosophy and magic. No other race has ever returned from the shimmering city to tell the tale. These are all speculation and what the elves are willing to disclose.

The distracted nature of the gnomes is somewhat of a conundrum for the other races. Seemingly they hold no authority over themselves. They follow the nature of families and wanderers. Throughout the empire of Tirano and the stone fortresses of the dwarves, small gatherings of gnomes can be found. They will uphold the laws of the land they are in (to a certain degree) and will provide services where they deem fit. The gnomes have a fey streak in their soul and as such elves and gnomes often find themselves companions.

And yet, there is so much more you don’t know about the world yet.

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