The dwarven capitol Daichiwa



Ruling body: The Ishi Clan

This is the political, military, mercantile and religious capitol of the Shinzo Empire.

Daichiwa is a sprawling city. Grown large and fat from the rich veins below the city. Large domed halls best describes the top most levels of this metropolis. Columns and archways are placed within with mathematical accuracy and perfect symmetry.

Derwas Manglestone, captain in the royal guard has been found murdered.

Murder in The Rising Cathedral of Keni! Bishop Noriko has been brutally murdered within the cathedrals walls. A special task force consisting of clerics from the Holy Church of Keni, wizards from Department of Magical Application and the Metropolis Guard are on the case. Information leading to the capture of the killer will be rewarded.

Distressing rumours are coming from Krav. The surviving forest claims travellers! People are seen entering the forest, but they never return. Until further notice, please keep to the well-travelled roads.

Some of the Ishi clans mines have been overrun yet again! A comment from Ishi Mining Co. says that there have been some complications with re-opening a mine. They are however handling matters and will take steps to ensure the safety of our citizens.

Cultural differences

The dwarves has mastered several mechanical and technological concepts. Among others; Plumbing, Air-Conditioning, hydraulics and astronomy.

Products and services are slightly higher here.
There is also a tax when leaving Daichiwa for: Goods and services rendered by foreign dignitaries, emissaries and visitors.

Foes encountered in Daichiwa

  • Shambling fungal
  • Rodents of unusual size
  • Dwarven skeletons
  • Spider of highly disturbing size
  • Thousands of itsy-bitsy spiders

The dwarven capitol Daichiwa

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