The Dwarves of Iluz

The Dwarves of Iluz

Main political power: The Shinzo Empire. There are several ‘independent’ dwarven city-states as well.

The dwarf language has several dialects that can be very defining and geographical, but all dwarves know how to speak Higher Kobito, the “common” dwarf language

Their name of the world: Hōmurokku
Capitol: Daichiwa
Clans of notable interest:

  • Ishi Clan, rules the captiol of Daichiwa
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The Golden Dragon of Keni
Creator, Strength, Foundation, Giver of Life
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The Dwarves hold themselves to ideals of honor and traditions. Fiercely loyal to their clan, a dwarf will remember insults and sleights decades later. Priding themselves in militant organization, dwarves usually comes to power in their clan by proving themselves a worthy warrior. This has led to a rather aggressive political stance. Both in regard to internal management and interracial politics.

The dwarves will rise together to stand against an foreign enemy, but internal conflicts inhibit them from rising above their current power level. Small border conflicts between mountain fortresses are not uncommon. Veins of metal that stretch from one mountain to another can lead to a major skirmish between clans.

Dwarves hold themselves up to ideals more than to the Gods. And as a consequence of that the dwarves only have two gods. The Golden Dragon of Keni manifests as the sun and the first glimpse of light when exiting a cave or mine. Kaage is the unknown terror from the depths of Hōmurokku. He is the darkness that never rests and the quencher of light. The conflict of the gods mean little to the dwarves.

Dragons are revered and respected in the dwarves culture. Artists sculpt and mold in a dragons image. The strength and nobility is an inspiration for dwarves. A lot of a dwarfs nature reflects dragons. Both hoard precious metal and gem stones. The prize arts of work, especially objects of metal. Legend has it that the dwarves at one point in time was “raised” by the dragons of the world. Collecting and sculpting precious metals into objects unsurpassed beauty, they held a special place in the hearts of dragons.

No dwarf has seen a dragon in several centuries. They are believed to be extinct.

The Dwarves of Iluz

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